The Light Within

There is a radiant light, shining brightly, deep inside all beings. Many wisdom traditions give reference to this light as the heaven or God within us. Connection with this inextinguishable radiance is the end of all searching for meaning in our lives. The hunger for Truth can only be satisfied by a connection to this light. It is the source of all that is sacred at the root of being. It can’t be owned or stolen and no group or individual has exclusive rights or knowledge of it. There are many ways to clear the path to the experience of this light. The Solar Ministry offers an approach for those who feel called to journey with it. Blessings to the many paths to the One Light.

Meditation is an ancient practice that leads to the experience of the inner Light. Enlightenment and illumination are terms used for the state of certainty and trust that real experience of this light brings. To feel the joy of the inner light, our journey is within.  In stillness the light is revealed. With practice it becomes undeniable. Be still in the light, be radiant