The first principle of the Solar Ministry is radiance.
All bodies, whether, galaxies, stars, planets, living organisms or quarks, or indeed any of the other multiplicity of divisions, radiate.

Understanding the radiance of the sun, helps to reveal the nature of universal radiance. For our planet, the sun provides the sustaining radiance that maintains the weather systems, ocean currents and life activity. sun godThe sun shines relentlessly, yet the atmosphere may occlude it.  Within each being is a sun, the radiant source at the heart of each individuals connection to source. Like the sun, it never stops shining yet may be occluded by the weather of the mind.

As above, so below

At every level of existence, the same principle applies. Each local source of radiance maintains the activity of all it contains. Just as the sun maintains the earth and the collection of beings upon it, the radiant sun within each being, maintains the harmonious activity of the community of cells, that compose the apparent individual.
Each cell, has a sun within that maintains the harmonious existence of the organelles and processes contained within, and so on through each nested fractal set. At every level and scale, analogous processes are at work.
Interestingly, at the heart ovectorstock_501033f each radiating body is a singularity. The singularity at the heart of a galaxy or at the heart of a star like our sun, or the singularity at the heart of each neutrino, is the same singularity. There is only one singularity and the illusion of separation and distance is an artifact of the perspective of self.



Our Workvivasvan

For the Solar Ministry, harmonious radiance is the necessary transmission and the experience of the Singularity is the unique ascendent event of enlightenment.